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  • Jan 29th 2020 Marshfield, WI at Comedy Against Cancer Fundraiser
  • Jan 31st 2020 Janesville, WI at Performing Arts Center
  • Feb 1st 2020 Manchester, IA at Comedy For a Cause
  • Feb 7th 2020 Santa Maria, CA at Radisson Ballroom Comedy Show
  • Feb 8th 2020 Hermosa Beach, CA at Comedy & Magic Club
  • Feb 14th 2020 Kalamazoo, MI at CityScape Event Center
  • Feb 21st 2020 - Mar 8th 2020 Panama Canal at NCL Joy
  • Mar 27th 2020 - Mar 28th 2020 Lincoln, NE at Comedy Loft
  • Apr 2nd 2020 - Apr 4th 2020 Grand Rapids, MI at Dr. Grins
  • Apr 23rd 2020 - Apr 25th 2020 Wichita, KS at Loony Bin Comedy Club
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