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  • Jun 8th 2019 Oxnard, CA at Strey Cellars Winery
  • Jun 12th 2019 Thousand Oaks, CA at Comedy Show
  • Jun 15th 2019 Los Angeles, CA at Groundlings Theater
  • Jun 18th 2019 NYC – The Village at Fat Black Pussy Cat
  • Jun 20th 2019 New York, NY at Gotham Comedy Club
  • Jun 21st 2019 - Jun 23rd 2019 Chicago, IL at Comedy Bar
  • Jul 21st 2019 - Aug 4th 2019 New York, NY at Norwegian/ Levity Cruise Line
  • Aug 22nd 2019 - Aug 25th 2019 Temecula, CA at Pechenga Casino
  • Sep 7th 2019 Milwaukee, WI at Private Event
  • Sep 12th 2019 - Sep 14th 2019 Dallas, TX at Hyenas
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